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Chrome desktopCapture extension

This chrome extension not only captures content of screen, but also provides multi-user peer-to-peer screen streaming.

How to install?

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How to view screen?

Try any of the below URL. Replace your_room_id with real room-id:!/?s=your_room_id!/?s=your_room_id

How to publish yourself?

Make ZIP of the directory. Then navigate to Chrome WebStore Developer Dashboard and click Add New Item blue button.

To learn more about how to publish a chrome extension in Google App Store:

How to add inline-install button?

Make sure that you added and verified your webpage/domain using Google WebMaster tools. Additional instructions available here.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <!-- head; this <link> tag MUST be in <head> section -->
        <link rel="chrome-webstore-item" href="">
        <!-- body; the button element that is used to invoke inline installation -->
        <button onclick="" id="install-button" style="padding: 0;background: none;height: 61px;vertical-align: middle;cursor:pointer;">
            <img src="" alt="Add to Chrome">

            document.querySelector('#inline-install').onclick = function() {
                    && !! 
                    && !!chrome.webstore 
                    && !!chrome.webstore.install && 

            function successCallback() {

            function failureCallback(error) {

For more information

For additional information, click this link.


Chrome-Extensions are released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.