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Installation Guide

This page explains how to install RTCMultiConnection.

Fetch from Github

Github is strongly recommended. NPM or TAR are secondary options.

git clone ./
npm install --production

Or download ZIP:


Then call npm install --production.

Use --production to skip grunt dependencies. You don't need grunt until you modify library itself.

Install using NPM or Bower

npm install rtcmulticonnection --production

# or
bower install rtcmulticonnection

Run server.js

node server.js

Now open http://localhost:9001/.

Modify config.json

  "socketURL": "/",
  "socketMessageEvent": "abcdef",
  "socketCustomEvent": "ghijkl",
  "port": "443",
  "enableLogs": "false",
  "autoRebootServerOnFailure": "false",
  "isUseHTTPs": "true",
  "ssl_key": "/ssl/certificate.key",
  "ssl_cert": "/ssl/certificate.crt",
  "ssl_cabundle": "/ssl/certificate.cabundle"

Now run server.js and it will automatically use above configuration.

How to check if server is running correctly?

Open this URL: https://localhost:9001/

If you can load / on your server then it is working fine.

Stop Old Processes

Check all processes running on port 9001 and stop process by id:

lsof -n -i4TCP:9001 | grep LISTEN
kill process-ID

Or stop all processes on a specific port. (It may require sudo privileges):

fuser -vk 9001/tcp

Now open: http://localhost:9001/

Keep running server in background

nohup nodejs server.js > /dev/null 2>&1 &


nohup nodejs server.js &

Or use forever:

npm install forever -g
forever start server.js

To auto-start server.js on system-reboot (i.e. when Mac/Linux system shuts down or reboots):

npm install forever-service

cd __path to your npm install__
forever-service install ncustomAppName --script server.js

Commands to interact with service ncustomAppName Start:

- "sudo service ncustomAppName start" Stop
- "sudo service ncustomAppName stop" Status
- "sudo service ncustomAppName status" Restart - "sudo service ncustomAppName restart"

More info about forever-service here.

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RTCMultiConnection is released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.