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Tips & Tricks

RTCMultiConnection v3 tips and tricks for advance users!

If WebRTC fails

// add this script before loading "RTCMultiConnection.min.js"
window.getExternalIceServers = true;
<script src=""></script>

Now you will get maximum WebRTC success across all devices.

window.getExternalIceServers boolean variable tries to load STUN+TURN servers from It is disabled by default.


Object.observe has been removed since v3.2.95. So you've to manually update-extra-data or set stream-end-handlers:

connection.extra.something = 'something';

Attach External Stream

When attaching external streams:


Change User ID

Change userid using this method:



Record Videos

<script src=""></script>
var listOfRecorders = {};
connection.onstream = function(event) {
    var recorder = RecordRTC(, {
        type: 'video',
        recorderType: MediaStreamRecorder


    listOfRecorders[event.streamid] = recorder;

btnStopRecording.onclick = function() {
    var streamid = prompt('Enter stream-id');

    if(!listOfRecorders[streamid]) throw 'Wrong stream-id';

    var recorder = listOfRecorders[streamid];
    recorder.stopRecording(function() {
        var blob = recorder.getBlob(); URL.createObjectURL(blob) );

        // or upload to server
        var formData = new FormData();
        formData.append('file', blob);
        $.post('/server-address', formData, serverCallback);

Record All Videos In Single File

Wanna try a hack? You will be able to record entire tab + all audios.

First of all, install this Google Chrome extension:

Now, install last Google Chrome Canary. Remember, chrome version 53+.

Now open options page chrome://extensions/?options=ndcljioonkecdnaaihodjgiliohngojp and enable this check-box:

Enable audio+tab recording?

Now click "R" icon to record any tab. Above chrome-extension will record entire tab activity along with all audios at once!!!

To repeat, audio+tab recording option allows you record entire tab activity; all videos on tab, all audios on the tab, dashboards or any activity!

Again, above chrome extension requires Google Chrome version greater than or equal to 53.

Record Audio along with Screen

connection.session = {
    audio: true,
    screen: true

connection.onstream = function(event) {
    if(connection.attachStreams.length <= 1) return;

    var screenStream, audioStream;
    connection.attachStreams.forEach(function(stream) {
        if(stream.isScreen) screenStream = true;
        if(stream.isAudio) audioSTream = true;

    if(!screenStream || !audioStream) return;

    var audioPlusScreenStream = new MediaStream();
    audioPlusScreenStream.addTrack( screenStream.getVideoTracks()[0] );
    audioPlusScreenStream.addTrack( audioStream.getAudioTracks()[0] );

    var recorder = RecordRTC(audioPlusScreenStream, {
        type: 'video',
        recorderType: MediaStreamRecorder


Share RoomID in the URL

There are two possible methods:

  1. Share room-id as URL-hash
  2. Share room-id as URL-query-parameters
var roomid = 'xyz';, function() {
    var urlToShare = '' + roomid;

    // or second technique
    var urlToShare = '' + roomid;;

Now target users can read room-id as following:

if(location.hash.length > 1) {
    var roomid = location.hash.replace('#', '');

    // auto join room

Or read URL-query-parameters:

(function() {
    var params = {},
        r = /([^&=]+)=?([^&]*)/g;

    function d(s) {
        return decodeURIComponent(s.replace(/\+/g, ' '));
    var match, search =;
    while (match = r.exec(search.substring(1)))
        params[d(match[1])] = d(match[2]);
    window.params = params;

if(params.roomid) {
    // auto join room

If you want to hide HTML for non-moderators or for users that are MERELY expected to join a room:

if(params.roomid || location.hash.length > 1) { // whatever condition suits you

    // or simple javascript'.moderators-sections')).forEach(function(div) { = 'none';

        // or

PHP/ASPNET-MVC/Ruby developers can easily omit or remove those "redundant" HTML parts before serving the HTML to the browser.

Remember, both open, join, or openOrJoin all these methods supports second-callback-parameter, which means that either you joined or opened the room. E.g.'roomid', successCallback);

Detect Presence

RTCMultiConnection v2 users should check this wiki-page:

v3 users should check this API (connection.checkPresence):

v3 users can get list of existing public-rooms using this API (connection.getPublicModerators):

However v2 users can use connection.onNewSession event:

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RTCMultiConnection is released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.