RecordRTC to Node.js

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mkdir node_modules
npm install recordrtc-nodejs

# to run it!
cd node_modules/recordrtc-nodejs/
mkdir node_modules

# install prerequisites
npm install
node server.js

How to test?

In the node.js command prompt window; type node server.js; then open http://localhost:9001/.

There are some other NPM packages regarding RecordRTC:

Make sure that directory names MUST NOT have spaces; e.g.

// invalid directory
C:\Hello Sir\Another\RecordRTC

// valid

// invalid directory
C:\First\Second Dir\Third\RecordRTC

// valid

This experiment:

  1. Records audio/video separately as wav/webm
  2. POST both files in single HttpPost-Request to Node.js (FormData)
  3. Node.js code saves both files into disk
  4. Node.js code invokes ffmpeg to merge wav/webm in single "webm" file
  5. The merged webm file's URL is returned using same HTTP-callback for playback!

Other Demos


RecordRTC-to-Nodejs is released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.