Record Multiple Streams Into Single File

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First step

var recorder;

function addVideoToRecorder(video) {
    var stream = video.captureStream();

    if (!recorder) {
        recorder = RecordRTC([stream], {
            type: 'video'
    } else {

function stopAndGetSingleBlob(callback) {
    if (!recorder) return;
    recorder.stopRecording(function() {
        recorder = null;

Second step

Use above code as following:


To stop the recording

And whenever you want to stop the recording:

btnStopRecording.onclick = function() {
    stopAndGetSingleBlob(function(blob) {
       var url = URL.createObjectURL(blob);
       previewVideo.src = url;

       // or;

       // or

Advance users

Behind the scene we are using this recorder:

So you can use any method from that recorder. We are already using this method above:


You can use other methods like resetVideoStreams etc.

recorder.getInternalRecorder().resetVideoStreams([stream1, stream2]);    // only keep stream1 and stream2 and remove all other streams

RecordRTC Chrome Extension

RecordRTC chrome extension supports these API:

You can record entire activity, along with microphone, along with speaker audios using this code:

var recorder = new RecordRTC_Extension();

    enableScreen: true,
    enableMicrophone: true,
    enableSpeakers: true

btnStopRecording.onclick = function() {
    recorder.stopRecording(function(blob) {
        console.log(blob.size, blob);
        var url = URL.createObjectURL(blob);
        video.src = url;
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