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API: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC#getblob

blob = recordRTC.getBlob();
data = new FormData();
data.append('blob', blob);
$.post(data, successCallback); // upload using jQuery or XMLHTTPRequest

Demo using jQuery upload: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC/blob/master/simple-demos/php-upload-jquery.html

Demo using simple javascript upload: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC/blob/master/simple-demos/php-upload-simple-javascript.html

A complete tutorial: RecordRTC and Upload to PHP Server

index.html (main demo) also has upload-to-php and upload-to-youtube buttons.

You can find PHP server-side file here: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC/blob/master/RecordRTC-to-PHP/save.php

ASP.NET upload: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC/tree/master/RecordRTC-to-ASPNETMVC

Nodejs upload: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC/tree/master/RecordRTC-to-Nodejs

Java upload: someone created a demo. need to find and refer here

Upload to YouTube


Please contribute to add all non-PHP uploading demos/tutorials here. E.g. upload to Java, upload to ASP.NET etc.

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