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Easy Tab manager for Opera 15+/Chome
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Tab manager for Opera 15+ A add-on for Opera 15+, to easily manage Tabs/Windows.

  • Display all Tabs (URL on mouse hover) & Windows
  • Display all URLs in simple list
  • Split Selected tabs to new Window
  • Merge multiple windows into one
  • Switch to any Tab/Window by Double Click
  • Clone Tabs/Windows
  • Reload selected Tabs or Windows
  • Move Tabs between Windows
  • Toggle Pin status for Selected Tabs, Pin all Tabs or Un-Pin all Tabs
  • Toggle Private status for Selected Windows, Private all Windows or Un-Private all Windows
  • Close Selected Tabs/Windows or Close all.
  • Create new Tab in selected Window, or create a new Window
  • Remove duplicates
  • Recent tabs list
  • Context menu for all items and actions
  • Create tab to the left or to the right of selcted tab
  • Close tabs to the left or to the right of selcted tab
  • and much more to come
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