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⚡️ motivate ⚡️ - A simple script to print random motivational quotes. Highly influenced by linux command fortune.
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A simple script to print random motivational quotes. Highly influenced by linux command fortune.


  • Colored Output
  • Supports bash and zsh


python 3x



$ git clone
$ cd motivate/motivate
$ sudo ./
$ source ~/.bashrc

zsh users should replace .bashrc with .zshrc.

If you have no root priviledge, install in this way:

$ git clone
$ cd motivate
$ ln -s $PWD/motivate/ moti
$ ln -s $PWD/ mmoti

$ export PATH=$PWD:$PATH
$ # echo 'export PATH=$PWD:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc

Later you can run by calling moti (a single run) or mmoti (keep running until you break it). After doing so, I found that python 2.x is enough to run this script.


  • Make sure you have Python3 on your path.
  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Add the path to your local clone to your system path.
  • Run py -3 from the command prompt.

Update Database

$ git clone
$ cd motivate


$ motivate

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."
		--Elon Musk


The most popular way to contribute is adding new quotes. You do it by adding next JSON file in motivate/data/ directory. The rule is 20 quotes per file.

Before you submit your new JSON file, it is helpful to validate your file at this website to make sure it is formatly correct.

But any improvements are welcome - just open a pull request with some description.

You're also welcome to discuss the idea on Gitter Chat.

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