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zifi - Make Stories everywhere using React 😍
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zifi 🦄

Make Stories everywhere using React ♥

Zifi Logo

NPM JavaScript Style Guide


yarn add zifi


  • Fullscreen API
  • Custom Styles
  • Responsive
  • Made with ♥

Inspired by ProductHunt Sip and Medium Series 😍


Zifi Preview


Clicking on Story.Trigger triggers the Story. Each Story.Item will displayed according to user interaction.

30% of the left side will display previous story and 70% of the right side will display next story.

import React, { Component } from 'react'

import Story from 'zifi'

class Example extends Component {
  render () {
    return (
      <Story fullScreen={true}>
            <h4>2018's Most Innovative Companies</h4>
              alt="Tim Cook" 
            <h1>2018's Most Innovative Companies are here <span role="img" >🌍</span> <span role="img" >🚀</span></h1>
            <p>Fast Company just released their picks for the 350+ most innovative companies of the year.</p>
        <Story.Item backgroundImage="linear-gradient(135deg, #fad961 0%,#f76b1c 100%)" >
            <p><strong>Fast Company </strong><span>Editorial Staff</span></p>
            The 2018 edition spans more than 350 enterprises across 35 categories, from the worlds most valuable firm to a small outfit selling natural gum to preserve rainforests.
            <img src="" alt="Tim Cook" />
            <p>Apple won the coveted #1 spot, with its release of the much-loved iPhone X, AirPod, and ARKit platform</p>
          <p>A surprising contender, Patagonia came in sixth in part for their focus on helping the environment</p>
        <Story.Item backgroundImage="linear-gradient(135deg, #5b247a 0%,#1bcedf 100%);">
          <Button>Read More</Button>



Property Type Default Description
fullScreen bool false whether to show stories in full screen
progress bool true whether to show progress bar
progressColor string #2db7f5 stroke color of the progress bar
progressWidth number 1 width of the progress bar
progressLinecap string round The shape to be used at the end of the progress bar, can be butt, square or round.
progressTrailColor string #2db7f500 Color for lighter trail stroke underneath the actual progress path.


Property Type Default Description
backgroundImage string background image css property. pass url or gradient
blur string filter - blur css property.


MIT © mubaris

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