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ditto takes a Windows exe as input and copies the resources

of that binary into the target binary. Resources are usually

icons, copywright info and descriptions of the binary.

Info & Compiled version:

Example usage:

Usage output:


ditto - binary resource mirrorer

C:\>ditto.exe sourcebin.exe targetbin.exe


Copy (no output):

C:\>ditto.exe C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe evilbin.exe


Disclaimer: does not work with Metasploit In-memory:

meterpreter > upload evilbin.exe
[*] uploading  : evilbin.exe -> evilbin.exe
[*] uploaded   : evilbin.exe -> evilbin.exe
meterpreter > execute -H -i -c -d calc.exe -m -f ditto.exe -a 'C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe evilbin.exe'
Process 1840 created.
Channel 2 created.
meterpreter >

But does not result in a file change of any kind and sometimes results in meterpreter dieing.


2012-09-13 - code commit for version 1.0