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Post Exploitation Wiki

This wiki is powered by MDwiki which is a self contained wiki in a single HTML file.

All you have to do to use the wiki is clone the repo to anywhere you can open HTML, served or local.

Contributors please see here:

Live Online Copy:

You can find a copy of the project online at: If you are reading this from the live website and want to get to the Github repository click here ->

Offline Use:

  1. Clone the repository or pull the archive (download zip) of the repo
  2. Open index.html
  3. Most modern browsers don't allow the access of local files from a locally loaded HTML file. On Windows you can use Mongoose Tiny or HFS to host the files locally. On OSX and Linux python -m SimpleHTTPServer seems to work just fine.

Reference Binaries:

If the binary referenced isn't built into the respective OS, can be found here:

Known issue with Chrome:

Chrome doesn't allow local file access from local files loaded in the browser (ala index.html loading There are two ways around this. Use a web server to host it (Apache, nginx, python SimpleHTTPServer, etc) or start Chrome with the --allow-file-access-from-files argument. See here for more details:!

More info about MDwiki:!


Post Exploitation Wiki







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