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Everything related to our flipdot implementation
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board fix(board): move gpio from pin 17 to pin 3
ethersex-flipdot @ cd15143
libmax7301 fix(libmax7301): copy the header to /usr/local/include
libsimplespi doc(max7301): add the README file
netfbd @ fe9874e added the ethersex-flipdot and netfbd repos as submodules
scripts static url
.gitignore added .pyc and project-files to gitignore

Software for some flipdot pannels we have.

ethersex-flipdot is a submodule which contains firmware to receive and display data via ethernet.

netfbd is a submodule which contains a daemon to grab parts of a linux framebuffer and send via ethernet to the flipdots.

To init these submodules run 'git submodule init' and 'git submodule update'.

When updating the repository, make sure to also run 'git submodule init' again, to get the lastest changes inside the submodules.

scripts/ contains support scripts to send raw test data to the flipdots.

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