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Release Notes

This page lists what changed in each Mastr-MS version. For instructions on how to upgrade the server, see :ref:`server-upgrade`. For instructions on how to upgrade the datasync client, see :ref:`client-upgrade`.

1.14.0 (27th May 2016)

New feature release.

  • Added exporting of all project information in JSON format.
  • Updated to Django 1.8.

This release contains database migrations which need to be run after upgrading the RPM.

Before installing this version, ensure that the current Mastr-MS version is at least 1.12.1 and that all the database migrations have been run.

Due to the upgrade to Django 1.8, a special migration step needs to be run. After installing, run this command:

sudo mastrms migrate --fake

Subsequent versions will use the normal database migration procedure.

1.13.0 (4th August 2015)

  • Added Debian/Ubuntu package.

1.12.3 (16th June 2015)

Bug fix release.

  • #4: Drop-down lists sometimes show a number instead of the field value
  • #5: Times out when downloading large files
  • #13: Browser times out when a request to zip up large files is sent

1.12.2 (6th March 2015)

Brown paper bag release.

  • #12: RPM for 1.12.1 was faulty

1.12.1 (6th March 2015)

Bug fix release. Contains database migrations.

  • #10: Disable cascading delete for nullable foreign key fields
  • #11: Investigations carried over between projects

1.12.0 (5th March 2015)

Bug fix release. Contains database migrations.

Mastr-MS stops using JIRA and starts using the BitBucket issue tracker.

  • #3: Project manager drop-down appears empty
  • #7: Sends out e-mails with "Madas"
  • #9: Deleting investigation also deletes experiment

1.11.4 (8th December 2014)

Bug fix release.

  • [MAS-76] - Migration from empty database broke

1.11.3 (19th November 2014)

Bug fix release.

  • [MAS-74] - Put investigation name in ISA-Tab files

Client 0.4.9 (22nd October 2014)

Datasync client bug fix release.
  • [MAS-75] - Datasync client doesn't support quoting in rsync config

1.11.2 (22nd October 2014)

New feature release.

  • [MAS-73] - Provide a direct URL to the registration screen

1.11.1 (1st September 2014)

Bug fix release.

  • [MAS-72] - Always output JSON format from API

1.11.0 (28th August 2014)

New feature release. Contains database migrations.

  • [MAS-69] - ISA-TAB export: Put experiment samples in the same investigation if they are the same samples
  • [MAS-71] - Update Django to 1.6.6

1.10.1 (7th August 2014)

Bug fix release. Contains database migrations.

  • [MAS-68] - Handle migration of users with no e-mail address

1.10.0 (7th August 2014)

New feature release.

  • [MAS-66] - Increase length of usernames
  • [MAS-67] - Enable user logging in production again

This release contains database migrations which need to be run after upgrading the RPM. User e-mail addresses must be unique now. The migration process will change duplicate e-mail addresses. If any e-mail addresses were changed, it will say so. You must then clean up those users from the admin page.

If the database migration fails due to an error with the userlog_* tables, just drop them and try the migration again:

# mastrms dbshell
DROP TABLE "userlog_loginlog";
DROP TABLE "userlog_failedloginlog";

1.9.4 (23rd June 2014)

Bug fix release.

  • [MAS-65] - Change title MA LIMS to MASTR-MS

1.9.3 (5th June 2014)

Bug fix release.

  • [MAS-64] - Make ISA-Tab output validate with isatools validator

1.9.2 (29th May 2014)

New feature release.

  • [MAS-61] - Produce ISA-Tab study and assay files
  • [MAS-62] - Update Django to 1.6.4
  • [MAS-63] - Improve environment variable config code

1.9.1 (1st May 2014)

New feature release.

  • [MAS-61] - Add ISA-Tab fields for study and assay

1.9.0 (13th Mar 2014)

New feature release.

  • [MAS-59] - ISA-TAB format export

1.8.2 (20th Feb 2014)

Bug fix release. You can now put multiple space-separated values for allowed_hosts and memcache in /etc/mastrms/mastrms.conf.

  • [MAS-55] - Missing samples labels etc when cloning experiments
  • [MAS-56] - CSV upload broke with python27-mod_wsgi
  • [MAS-57] - Client code using extjs grid is saving null sample weights
  • [MAS-60] - Settings: multiple memcache servers and allowed hosts

1.8.1 (31st Jan 2014)

Bug fix release. More options were added to the default config files.

  • [MAS-54] - Add wider menu of settings in mastrms.conf

1.8.0 (30th Jan 2014)

New feature and bug fix release.

Mastr-MS now requires the IUS repo. It can be added according to the instructions in :ref:`yum-repos`. If you get dependency errors on installation, it is probably because the ius-release RPM isn't installed.


In this version the format of the config file has changed. You will need to manually update the settings.

The settings are no longer stored in /etc/ccgapps/appsettings. They are now in /etc/mastrms. After installing the RPM, edit /etc/mastrms/mastrms.conf and copy in just the listed settings from /etc/ccgapps/appsettings/

After restarting the web server and checking that it works, the old settings file can be moved into a backup location.

  • [MAS-52] - Switch RPM to new build method
  • [MAS-53] - Fix file extension in worklist

1.7.0 (19th Dec 2013)

New feature release

  • [MAS-49] - General File Extension (Issue 132)
  • [MAS-50] - Renaming files in file manager

1.6.2 (26th Nov 2013)

Bug fix release

  • [MAS-45] - Put run QC data as a subfolder of experiment data

1.6.0 (25th Nov 2013)

New feature release

Bug fixes
  • [MAS-48] - CSV import -- should ignore empty weight values
  • [MAS-45] - Put run QC data as a subfolder of experiment data
  • [MAS-47] - Allow creation of own folders within experiment files