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iOS 6+ component which replicates Photos app views
Objective-C Ruby
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MUKMediaGallery is a simple iOS 6+ library built to provide you a component which replicates Photos app functionalities. Classes provided by this project give you a fast path to show medias (photos, videos, audios) in you iOS app. This version is 2.0, a complete rewrite from previous version, which now can take benefit of UICollectionView and UIPageViewController.

Thumbnails Grid Carousel Video Playback


  • ARC enabled compiler
  • Deployment target: iOS 6 or greater
  • Base SDK: iOS 7 or greater
  • Xcode 5 or greater


See sample project to see usage.

This framework basically contains two classes:

  • MUKMediaThumbnailsViewController, a view controller displaying a grid of thumbnails.
  • MUKMediaCarouselViewController, a view controller displaying a paginated list of photos, videos and audios.


Use Cocoapods. Really.

pod 'MUKMediaGallery', '~> 2.0'

Otherwise you need to:

  1. add MUKMediaGallery folder to your project
  2. add MUKMediaGalleryResources.bundle
  3. link against QuartzCore and MediaPlayer frameworks
  4. install MUKToolkit and LBYouTubeView libraries
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