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MDjeep version 0.3.*
Version 0.3.1 vs 0.3.0
1. Two bugs were detected in the version 0.3.0 (see bug report).
The method implemented for the computation of the boxes was
giving wrong results in some particular situations:
MDjeep 0.3.1 implements now a more realible method for
the computation the bound boxes.
The second bug was related to the bound expansion feature
of SPG, where the generation of solutions not strictly
contained in the box bounds was possible. This mechanism
is reimplemented in MDjeep 0.3.1 to avoid this issue.
2. The verification of the discretization assumptions is now
performed by using external functions (functions of C file
"vertex"), the functions are initialClique, isDDGP and
isDMDGP. For MDjeep 0.3.1 to solve the input instance, it
is necessary that the function isDDGP gives a positive answer;
if the result of isDMDGP is negative, MDjeep can still solve
the instance (this verification is in fact now optional, and
performed automatically only when the instance is composed
only by exact distances).
3. The verification of the existence of the symmetric vertices
is also now performed by an external function of the "vertex"
C file (function findSymmetries). The new implemented method
has a lower complexity wrt the method implemented directly in
the main of version 0.3.0 (old complexity: |V|^3, new worst-case
complexity: |V|*|E|, where V is the instance vertex set, and E
is its edge set).
4. The computation of the reference vertices to be used in the BP
algorithm is performed only once, and the triplets of reference
vertices are kept in memory for the several recursive calls
to BP. When more than one reference triplet can be selected,
the "optimal" one is searched (basically, when all distances
are exact, we avoid to select triplets leading to the definition
of angles close to a multiple of pi; whereas if one distance is
an interval, we simply take the triplet with two exact distances
and the interval with the smallest range).
5. The resolution parameter is now disabled when stepping from
a symmetric side to the other of the search tree (when the
option "-sym" is not used). In this way, solutions obtained
from both symmetric parts of the search tree will be contained
in the solution set.
6. A new pruning device, named BoxDDF, is integrated in MDjeep 0.3.1
in order to compute the distances between pairs of boxes
"envelopping" pairs of vertices with known distance: if the
available distance cannot be satisfied by the two boxes, then
it is not necessary to call SPG in the attempt to refine the
current solution (because the infeasibility cannot be removed
as far as the vertex positions are contained in their
corresponding boxes). This improvement was suggested by
Douglas S. Goncalves.
7. In order to avoid lowering the performaces (wrt the performances
that MDjeep 0.2 is able to give) when dealing with instances
consisting of only exact distances, MDjeep 0.3.1 follows two
separated paths for the solution of instances containing or
not interval distances. To this aim, the function bp_exact was
included, which is strongly inspired by the version of bp given
in MDjeep 0.2. Among the other differences in dealing with
instances containing interval distances or not, we point out
that the resolution parameter is now disabled when the instance
at hand only contains exact distances.
8. New auxiliary functions were included in the C files "distance"
and "utils".
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