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If muCommander is useful to you, please consider making a donation, even a small one! This application is free and intends to remain so, please support it if you can.

Click on the following button to donate, this will take you to Flattr:

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List of donators

Thanks go to everyone who generously donated to the project:

  • Matthias Berberich (Germany)
  • Robert Sparkman (USA)
  • Walter Schmidt (Germany)
  • Laurent Thomas (France)
  • Georg Fellmann (Germany)
  • Lauri Sax (Russia)
  • Juergen Lerch (Germany)
  • Randall Suffens (USA)
  • Thomas Gruber (Germany)
  • Quinten van Kessel (Netherlands)
  • Arthur Sieders (USA)
  • Carsten Pasternack (Germany)
  • Andrei Mircea (France)
  • Ronny Tetzlaff (Germany)
  • Krzysztof Koziol (Poland)
  • Hajo Krabbenhoeft (Germany)
  • Henrik Husted Jensen (Denmark)
  • Matteo Laura (Italy)
  • Rosario Caligiuri (Italy)
  • Silke Heyer (Germany)
  • Jens Jasper (Germany)
  • Oliver Eschbach (Germany)
  • Olivier Mermod (Switzerland)
  • Simon Andrews (UK)
  • Kevin Duggins (USA)
  • Axel Falk (Germany)
  • Niels Kristensen (Netherlands)
  • Jaroslav Smetak (Czech Republic)
  • Arne Roos (Germany)
  • Mick Sterbs (UK)
  • Andrew Flach (USA)
  • Uwe Schuermann (Germany)
  • Rudolf Maurer (Germany)
  • Ulrike Mehner (Germany)
  • Felix Deimel (Germany)
  • Irina Bondareva (UK)
  • Christian Wehrli (Switzerland)
  • Jean Chimbault (France)
  • Oliver Weichhold (Germany)
  • Stefano Gigli (Italy)
  • Patrick Fischer (Switzerland)
  • Peter Wojtischek (Germany)
  • Miroslav Adamy (Canada)
  • Alexander Karapish (Russia)
  • Heiko Sander (Germany)
  • Yves Kervadec (France)
  • Jakob Ekström (Sweden)
  • Birgit Tammen (Germany)
  • Puskás András (Hungary)
  • Ricardo Marchante (Netherlands)
  • Adi Baron (Israel)
  • Jürgen Gohl (Germany)
  • Active Objects (Norway)
  • Harrie Denkers (Netherlands)
  • Thorsten von Bargen (Germany)
  • Hans Helm (Germany)
  • Bernhard Veit (Germany)
  • Catalin Hritcu (Romania)
  • Dick de Ronden (Netherlands)
  • Paolo Lombardi (Italy)
  • Elvira Cristina Gonzalez (Argentina)
  • Stefan Plackowski (Germany)
  • Torsten Bohr (Germany)
  • Mika Kujanpää (Finland)
  • Alexander Tetzlaff (Germany)
  • Your name here ;)
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