The source code of BattStatt Android widget.
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The popular (once upon a time) battery widget for Android, now as open source!

BattStatt Free on Google Play
BattStatt Pro on Google Play

NOTE This is the source code as I found it in one of my old subversion repositories. The code is provided as-is (as-found? 😄) the way it was checked in back in 2011 (which was the last time I touched the code).

Feel free to do whatever you want with this pile of uglyness.

There are two projects for BattStatt, the free and the pro version. Although both are free on the market, the pro was once a paid app. There's also a "lib" project, which holds some common ui stuff, like preferences they both use and such. The lib project is even uglier and has a bunch of unused half-assed stuff.


  1. Start with importing the common project to you IDE.
  2. Then the BattStattFree and BattStattPro projects.
  3. Add the common project as an android lib to the two imported projects.
  4. Stuff should build. 👍 👯
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Enjoy this piece of outdated crappy code 😁