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Fluent::Plugin::Datacalculator, a plugin for Fluentd Build Status

Simple Calculate messages and summarize the calculated results.

  • Summarize calculated results per min/hour/day
  • Summarize calculated results per second (average every min/hour/day)
  • Use finalizer of summarized results (e.g. average)


if fluentd set like that:

  type datacalculator
  count_interval 5s
  aggregate all
  formulas sum = amount * price, cnt = 1, total = amount
  finalizer ave = cnt > 0 ? 1.00 * sum / cnt : 0

recieves bellow messages in a minute:

{"area_id": 1, "mission_id":1, "amount": 3, "price": 100}
{"area_id": 2, "mission_id":2, "amount": 2, "price": 200}
{"area_id": 3, "mission_id":1, "amount": 3, "price": 100}
{"area_id": 4, "mission_id":1, "amount": 4, "price": 300}
{"area_id": 5, "mission_id":2, "amount": 5, "price": 200}
{"area_id": 1, "mission_id":1, "amount": 1, "price": 400}
{"area_id": 4, "mission_id":1, "amount": 2, "price": 200}
{"area_id": 3, "mission_id":2, "amount": 1, "price": 300}

then output below:

2014-02-26 13:52:28 +0900 {"sum":4300.0,"cnt":8,"total":21.0,"ave":537.5}



<match accesslog.**>
  type datacalculate
  unit minute
  aggregate all
  fomulas sum = amount * price, amounts = amount

If you use finalizer, like this

<match accesslog.**>
  type datacalculate
  unit minute
  aggregate all
  fomulas sum = amount * price, amounts = amount
  finalizer average = amounts > 0 ? 1.0 * sum / amounts : 0

Finalizer uses the summarized output, so argv in finalizer must exist in left-hand side in fomulas.


  • count_interval: aggregate time interval e.g. 5s, 15m, 3h
  • aggregate: if set all then all matched tags are aggregated. if set tag then each tags are aggregated separately (default tag).
  • input_tag_remove_prefix: option available if you want to remove tag prefix from output field names. This option available when aggregate is set tag.
  • retain_key_combinations: option available if you want to retain key combination created in previous to next interval (default true).
  • formulas: define value and function comma separated. values are set in messages.
  • finalizer: functions defined are executed aggregated phase. value are set in messages.


  • multiple finalizer


Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2012- Muddy Dixon License:: Apache License, Version 2.0

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