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Commits on Jun 25, 2008
  1. Changed some variable names.

    committed Jun 25, 2008
  2. Now supports compression in multiple environments as well as some tid…

    …ying up and minor performance enhancements.
    committed Jun 25, 2008
Commits on Apr 8, 2008
  1. Updated to YUI Compressor 2.3.5.

    committed Apr 8, 2008
Commits on Mar 16, 2008
Commits on Dec 22, 2007
Commits on Dec 20, 2007
  1. Concatenates files with Ruby and removed variables_for_type architect…

    In an attempt to increase cross-platform compatibility, I have removed the
    dependency on the `cat` command-line utility in favour of Ruby's IO capabilities.
    Gone are the variables_for_javascript and variables_for_stylesheet in favour of
    more detailed javascript_include_compressed and stylesheet_include_compressed
    methods which, in turn, use include_compressed's improved interface.
    `include_compressed` now takes an asset type's tag helper as a Proc object as well
    as the compressed file name and sources which are pre-formatted to be relative
    from RAILS_ROOT/public.
    A minor cosmetic change was to switch from using the Proc array notation to
    the slightly less confusing `call` method.
    committed Dec 20, 2007