An implementation of International Standard Book Numbers (both 10 and 13 digits) supporting conversion & correction using Sentient.
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Sentient ISBN Build Status

An implementation of International Standard Book Numbers (both 10 and 13 digits) supporting conversion and correction using Sentient.

Current version: 0.2.0
Supported Node.js versions: 0.12

var ISBN = require('sentient-isbn');

// We can convert ISBN-10s to ISBN-13s
var isbn = new ISBN({ isbn10: '3319217283' });
isbn.isbn10(); //=> '3319217283'
isbn.isbn13(); //=> '9783319217284'

// We can also complete partial ISBNs
var partialIsbn = new ISBN({ isbn10: '331?217283' });
partialIsbn.isbn10(); //=> '3319217283'
partialIsbn.isbn13(); //=> '9783319217284'

// We can complete ISBNs if we have both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 digits
var twoPartialIsbns = new ISBN({
    isbn13: '???????217284',
    isbn10: '331???????'
twoPartialIsbns.isbn13(); //=> '9783319217284'

// We can return multiple ISBNs if there is ambiguity
var partialIsbn13 = new ISBN({isbn13: '???????217284'});
partialIsbn13.isbn13s(2); //=> ['9782626217284', '9785146217284']


$ npm install mudge/sentient-isbn


This library is an exploration of Chris Patuzzo's Sentient programming language, using a declarative style to describe the format of ISBN-10s and ISBN-13s and their relationship to one another.

The heart of the library is a Sentient program which describes ISBNs in terms of invariants such as:

  • All digits must be between 0 and 9 inclusive except an ISBN-10's check digit which can include 10;
  • The sum of all digits of an ISBN-10 multiplied by its index modulo 11 must be 0.

With this in place, we can then convert ISBNs between formats despite the fact we never write down the exact calculation procedure for ISBN check digits. Instead, Sentient is able to infer a solution using only the invariants we have set.

Admittedly, the library is much slower to convert ISBNs than a more traditional implementation but it also has novel abilities such as:

  • Being able to take partial ISBNs with some digits (not just the check digit) missing and infer a possible valid candidate;
  • Combine partial ISBNs in different formats to infer a valid candidate of either format.

All this without explaining how to perform such a procedure but instead declaring the important properties of an ISBN.


Chris Patuzzo for creating Sentient, contributing the concrete syntax version of the program and helping me "think with portals declaratively".


Copyright © 2016 Paul Mucur.

Distributed under the MIT License.