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Experiment Environment

Ubuntu 11.04 or Ubuntu 14.04

INSTALL & Configuration

tar -xvf libbsb-0.0.6.tar.gz
cd libbsb-0.0.6

Problems in Installation & Configuration

How to trigger vulnerability

./bsb2ppm 4.kap 4.ppm

One trick to get the right 4.kap poc file:

1. first copy the content from the webpage into one temp file - temp;
2. qprint -d temp 4.kap


ilibbsb bsb2ppm Buffer Overflow in bsb_open_header() Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code

bsb2ppm 0.0.6 overflows line buffer

Vulnerability Details & Patch

Root Cause

In libbsb, in bsb_io.c, bsb_open_header() uses next_line() to copy a line of any length into a 1024-byte line[] buffer.

Stack Trace


qprint manpage

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