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(ns macroz.core)
;; Write a macro id which takes a function and a list of args: (id f a
;; b c), and returns an expression which calls that function with the
;; given args: (f a b c).
(defmacro id [f & args]
`(~f ~@args))
;; (unless true-or-false
;; (do this if false))
(def x 5)
(defmacro unless [pred x]
`(if-not ~pred ~x))
(defn plus [x y]
(+ x y))
(defmacro unless2 [pred x]
`(if ~pred nil ~x))
(defmacro bogounless [pred x]
`(loop [cnt# 1]
(println "count: " cnt# )
(if (= cnt# 5)
(println "short-circuit!")
(let [rand-bool# (< 0 (rand-int 2))
_# (println "rand-bool: " rand-bool#)]
(if (= rand-bool# ~pred)
(recur (inc cnt#))
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