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Just some fun experiments to see how this really works.
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Dynamic Languages - They're not just for Rubyists (and Pythonistas)

All credit to:
- iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits, by Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar

- Not covering Core Foundation

What should we cover?
- Creating new methods and classes at runtime
- introspection
- message passing
- at runtime
  - inspect and modify class hierarchy
  - create new classes and methods
  - change class and superclass (ISA Swizzling)

Basics / Intro:
- Like C++, no multiple inheritance, no operator overloading
- It all comes from libobjc, a collection of C functions
  objc_msgSend --> [object message]
- Objective-C runtime is open source (
  - got objc4-493.11 here:
The Objective-C Object:
- All Objective-C objects are C structs
  typedef struct objc_object {
    Class isa;
  } *id;
    - ISA pointer
    - Root class' ivars
    - penultimate superclass' ivars
    - ...
    - superclass' ivars
    - Class' ivars

- Class structure contains a metaclass pointer(?), superclass pointer, data about the class
  - data: name, ivars, methods, properties, protocols

- Superclass pointer createes the hierarchy of classes
( Categories )
- Methods, properties, and protocols define what the class can do
  - stored in writable section of class definition, which can be changed at runtime
  - this is how categories work (Ruby: Monkey-Patching)
  - Ivars are stored in the read-only section, unmodifiable as this would impact existing instances
    - thus, categories cannot change add ivars
- objc_object isa pointer is not const --> change class at runtime
- Class superclass pointer also not const --> change class hierarcy at runtime

A Quick Intro to C Structs

Classes and Metaclasses
- A class is like an object, you can pass it messages
  - [MyClass alloc] 
  - Class methods are stored in the metaclass, which is where the Class isa pointer goes

- Class structure metaclass pointer
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