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MudPi Smart Garden

MudPi Installer

A guided installation tool to download and setup MudPi on a linux SBC board including raspberry pi.

MudPi Installer is a tool to help download, install and configure everything needed to get MudPi running. You will be guided through installing MudPi Core, MudPi Assistant (Optional) and MudPi UI (Optional). The installer will run all the manual installation tasks and take a several minutes to complete (especially on older models).


MudPi will install most of the needed prerequisites however you will need a few things beforehand.

  • Raspbian 9 (Stretch) or 10 (Buster)
  • Set Locale through raspi-config
  • Internet Connection
  • Python 3.7+

If you haven't already also do a quick update and reboot.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot


Install MudPi by running the following command in the terminal on your device:

curl -sL | bash

Install times vary depending on device. ~10-15mins


MudPi Installer assumes most of the work so its ideal to run on a fresh Raspbian install or pi that is not already heavily configured for other purposes. The installer does its best to preserve old configs and only alter the needed settings to operate. Although, you still may have some conflicts if you try to install MudPi on a device already running a web server or that is already dedicated to another project.


For full documentation visit


Here are a common questions about the MudPi installer and some solutions. When in doubt remove it all and reinstall.

Login for mudpi user?

Default password is mudpiapp. I recommend changing this before production.

Installation Failed?

Try rerunning the installer and if that fails again uninstall completely and try again.

Where are backups stored?

Backups are located at /home/mudpi/backups. The uninstaller will restore those for you automatically.


Uninstall MudPi and restore all backups:

sudo /home/mudpi/installer/

Default Access Point Static IP

Default Access Point Password


Auto AP Mode?

Auto AP Mode is a script that will trigger the access point in the event Wifi is not connected. Remove the cron jobs using sudo crontab -e to disable it. AP Mode checks every 10 minutes by default.

Something not right with Auto AP?

First check the logs /home/mudpi/logs/auto_hotspot.log and look at scan results /home/mudpi/tmp/nearbynetworklist.txt.

Access Point activated after reboot even with saved Wifi configs

Sometimes when the pi first boots it may try to run programs too soon. The Auto AP Mode might not have been able to determine a wifi connection yet so it defaulted to AP Mode. It will reconnect shortly on the next scan and turn off the AP. The default scan interval is 5 minutes.

Do I neeed Assistant Installed?

If you are using this installer and already established a Wifi connection then probably not. It is mainly to help me build multiple units at scale internally.

Problems on Debian 9 (Stretch)?

Verified on pi zero w running Debian 9.4 (stretch), however I reccomend upgrading to buster. It was hard to even find an archive of old releases on the Raspberrypi main site.

Invalid Operation?

Something got borked. Fresh raspbian install time.

How to install other branches?

curl -sL | bash -s -- -b feature






This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

MudPi Smart Garden


A guided installation tool to download and setup MudPi on a RaspberryPi







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