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Welcome to the MonetaryUnit documentation!


Please browse through the guides below for information on how to setup one or more masternodes, build the MUE-wallet on various Linux distrubutions or even a FreeBSD server host.


  1. Setting up a Masternode on a VPS - This guide shows how to setup a hot node for your masternode on a remote virtual private server, with a cold node running on a local Windows client.

  2. Adding more masternodes to a single cold wallet - Once you have one masternode running, read up on how to add more and control them from your cold wallet!

  3. Setting up a firewall to protect the masternode - Install and configure to run the UFW firewall on the VPS. This is critical to protecting the masternode against remote attacks.

  4. Monit - a monitoring service to prevent downtime! - Install and configure Monit, a monitoring service to keep your masternode up and running.

  5. Hardening of your VPS - Increase the security of your VPS. Prevent remote root access, block persistent intrusion attempts, and keep your masternode server secure.


  1. Building the MUE client on a Ubuntu desktop - Build and run the MUE client on a Ubuntu Linux client as a cold storage wallet.

  2. Building the MUE daemon on a FreeBSD server - Build and run the mued (MUE daemon) on a FreeBSD host

  3. Building the MUE daemon on a CentOS7 server - Build and run the mued (MUE daemon) on a CentOS 7 host

Operational Documentation

  1. Making a budget proposal to the MonetaryUnit Treasury Network - This step by step guide shows how to make a proposal to the MonetaryUnit treasury for funding of project and services.
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