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Here we explain how to install PyFRAP and all required software. For PyFRAP to run, you need the following programs:

  1. The Java Development Kit
  2. A Python (Version 2.7) installation with all required packages installed
  3. PyFRAP
  4. Gmsh

PyFRAP can be installed in multiple ways depending on the user's needs. Here we provide two ways of installing PyFRAP for the three major operating systems Linux, OSX, and Windows:

  • A quick and easy installation guide using installation scripts and the Anaconda Python distribution. These instructions are aimed at users with little knowledge about Python and command line terminals. Using this guide you will automatically have installed all 4 previously mentioned ingredients to run PyFRAP.
  • A detailed description on how to install all packages manually. These instructions are suitable for users who are familiar with Python and probably already have a working Python installation running.

In general we recommend using PyFRAP with Ubuntu Linux, since PyFRAP proves to be the easiest to install and use under this OS.

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