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sxiv \- Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer
.B sxiv
.RB [ \-cdFfhpqrstvZ ]
.RB [ \-g
.RB [ \-n
.RB [ \-z
.IR FILE ...
sxiv is a simple image viewer for X. It only has the most basic features
required for fast image viewing.
sxiv opens all named
or reads the names of the files to open from standard input, if only a single
.RB ( \- )
is given.
sxiv has two modes of operation: image and thumbnail mode. The default is image
mode, in which only the current image is shown. In thumbnail mode a grid of
small previews is displayed, making it easy to choose an image to open.
sxiv can also cache its thumbnails. Please see the section THUMBNAIL CACHING
for information on how to enable this feature.
Please note, that the fullscreen mode requires an EWMH/NetWM compliant window
.B \-c
Remove all orphaned cache files from the thumbnail cache directory and exit.
.B \-d
Scale all images to 100%, but fit large images into window.
.B \-F
Make the window fixed/floating by setting the minimum and maximum width/height
size-hints to the window width/height.
.B \-f
Start in fullscreen mode.
Set window position and size. See section GEOMETRY SPECIFICATIONS of X(7) for
more information on
.BI "\-n " NUM
Start at picture number NUM.
.B \-h
Print brief usage information to standard output and exit.
.B \-p
Pixelize images, i.e. turn off anti-aliasing.
.B \-q
Be quiet, disable warnings to standard error stream.
.B \-r
Search the given directories recursively for images to view.
.B \-s
Scale all images to fit into window.
.B \-t
Start in thumbnail mode.
.B \-v
Print version information to standard output and exit.
.B \-Z
The same as `-z 100'.
.BI "\-z " ZOOM
Scale all images to the current zoom level, use a zoom level of
at startup.
The differences of the following key mappings between image view and thumbnail
mode are denoted via brackets.
.SS General
.B q
Quit sxiv.
.B Return
Switch to thumbnail mode [open selected image].
.SS Navigate image list
.BR n ", " Space
Go to the next image.
.BR p ", " Backspace
Go to the previous image.
.B g
Go to [select] the first image.
.B G
Go to [select] the last image.
.B [
Go 10 images backward.
.B ]
Go 10 images forward.
.SS Zooming
.BR + ", " =
Zoom in.
.B \-
Zoom out.
.B 0
Set zoom level to 100%.
.B w
Set zoom level to fit image into window.
.SS Panning/Moving
.BR h ", " Left
Pan image [move selection] left.
.BR j ", " Down
Pan image [move selection] down.
.BR k ", " Up
Pan image [move selection] up.
.BR l ", " Right
Pan image [move selection] right.
.B H
Pan to left image edge.
.B J
Pan to bottom image edge.
.B K
Pan to top image edge.
.B L
Pan to right image edge.
.BR Ctrl-h ", " Ctrl-Left
Pan image one window width left.
.BR Ctrl-j ", " Ctrl-Down ", " PageDn
Pan image one window height down.
.BR Ctrl-k ", " Ctrl-Up ", " PageUp
Pan image one window height up.
.BR Ctrl-l ", " Ctrl-Right
Pan image one window width right.
.SS Rotation
.B <
Rotate image counter-clockwise by 90 degrees.
.B >
Rotate image clockwise by 90 degrees.
.SS Control window
.B W
Resize window to fit image.
.B f
Toggle fullscreen mode.
.SS Miscellaneous
.B a
Toggle anti-aliasing.
.B A
Toggle visibility of alpha-channel, i.e. image transparency.
.B D
Remove current [selected] image from file list and go to [select] next image.
.B r
Reload image.
The differences of the following mouse mappings between image view and
thumbnail mode are denoted via brackets.
.SS Navigate image list
.B Button1
Go to [select/open] next image.
.B Button3
Go to the previous image.
.SS Zooming
.B Ctrl+ScrollUp
Zoom in.
.B Ctrl+ScrollDown
Zoom out.
.SS Panning/Moving
.B Button2
Drag the image with the mouse while keeping this button pressed down.
.B ScrollUp
Pan image up [scroll up one thumbnail row].
.B ScrollDown
Pan image down [scroll down one thumbnail row].
.B Shift+ScrollUp
Pan image left.
.B Shift+ScrollDown
Pan image right.
To enable thumbnail caching, please make sure to create the directory
.I ~/.sxiv/
with write permissions. sxiv will then store all thumbnails inside this
directory, but it will not create this directory by itself. It rather uses the
existance of this directory as an affirmation, that the user wants thumbnails
to be cached.
Use the command line option
.I \-c
to keep the cache directory clean by removing all orphaned cache files.
Additionally, run the following command afterwards inside the cache directory
to remove empty subdirectories:
find -type d -empty -delete
Bert Muennich <ber.t at>
Dave Reisner <d at>
Fung SzeTat <sthorde at>
.BR feh (1),
.BR qiv (1)
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