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Removed dropped slideshow mappings from man page & README

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@@ -125,11 +125,6 @@ The following additional key commands are available in *image mode*:
<,> Rotate image (counter-)clockwise by 90 degrees
\,| Flip image horizontally/vertically
- s Toggle slideshow
- Ctrl-'-' Decrease slideshow delay
- Ctrl-'+' Increase slideshow delay
- Ctrl-'=' Reset slideshow delay, or set it to [count] seconds
a Toggle anti-aliasing
W Resize window to fit image
15 sxiv.1
@@ -256,21 +256,6 @@ Flip image horizontally.
.B |
Flip image vertically.
-.SS Slideshow
-.B s
-Toggle slideshow.
-.B Ctrl\-'\-'
-Decrease slideshow delay.
-.B Ctrl-'+'
-Increase slideshow delay.
-.B Ctrl-'='
-Reset slideshow delay to default value, or set it to
-.I count
.SS Miscellaneous
.B a

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