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Apr 13, 2020

OSM Destination Signs

This is a tool to show information stored in OSM in the form of destination_sign relations or destination tags on ways.

Supported tagging features:

  • destination tags, including destination:lang:XX and destination:symbol
  • distance and time
  • colour:text, colour:back, colour:arrow
  • direction of route from geometry of ways and nodes
  • additional sources from guidepost node: image, mapillary, website, operator
  • ref numbers of ways are taken from destination:ref on relations or ref on ways or ref on hiking routes the way belongs to


All code is included in the code directory - a Perl script generating the signs, a JavaScript file for control on the users' side and a style file to render the HTML output.

The example directory contains a Leaflet map page with markers for interesting points. It needs an additional library to load data from Overpass (leaflet-layerjson.js) which can be found here: and leaflet-permalink.js which can be found here:


A simple API is available to retrieve information from a given sign:


The available arguments are:

  • nodeid - required, gives the node of a destination sign to be evaluated (required)
  • namedroutes - include the names for names of routes
  • fromarrow - take 'from' information into account and add arrows showing the actual direction of arrows on signs
  • distunit=(m|km|mi) - convert distance to either meter, kilometer or miles.
  • format=json - to get all information in plain JSON only. If not specified, output contains a HTML rendering as well as data.


This tool is available under cc-by-sa 3.0 The code is distributed as-is without any guarantee whatsoever.


Display of OSM destination signs



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