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Mastodon Statistics Generator
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mastotool offers a collection of tools to work with your Mastodon account


Packages & Binaries

From source

Make sure you have a working Go environment (Go 1.8 or higher is required). See the install instructions.

Compiling mastotool is easy, simply run:

git clone
cd mastotool
go build


mastotool [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  search      searches your toots
  stats       generates statistics about your account

  -c, --config string   uses the specified config file (default "mastodon.json")
  -h, --help   help for mastotool

Use "mastotool [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Generate Statistics

mastotool stats [flags]

      --columns int   displays tables with N columns (default 80)
  -r, --recent int    only account for the N most recent toots (excl replies & boosts)
  -t, --top int       shows the top N items in each category (default 10)


mastotool search <string>


$ mastotool stats
Which instance to connect to:
Username (email): some_user@domain.tld
Password: ********

Loading toots for some_user     100 of 100 [#>---------------------------] 100.00%

Total toots: 100 (excluding replies & boosts)
Toots per day: 1.00 (account created 100 days ago)
Ratio toots/replies: 0.33
New followers per day: 7.41
New followings per day: 3.67
Likes per toot: 9.00 (total likes: 900)
Boosts per toot: 2.50 (total boosts: 250)
Replies per toot: 3.40 (total replies: 340)

Users you mentioned most                                              Interactions
abc                                                                              9
def                                                                              3

Users you boosted most                                                Interactions
xyz                                                                              7
zyx                                                                              2

Users that responded most                                             Interactions
def                                                                             11
fed                                                                              9

Most replied-to toots                                                      Replies
Some toot                                                                       20
Another toot                                                                     7

Most liked toots                                                             Likes
Some toot                                                                       50
Another toot                                                                     8

Most boosted toots                                                          Boosts
Some toot                                                                       10
Another toot                                                                     4

Highest scoring toots                                                        Score
Some toot                                                                       80
Another toot                                                                    20

Tags used that got the most likes                                            Likes
Some tag                                                                        10
Another tag                                                                      4

Tags used that got the most boosts                                          Boosts
Some tag                                                                         5
Another tag                                                                      1


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