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A lightweight reminder app
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Smart Reminder


A simple but smart reminder app to which you can current add a Title and a Due Date. The title however can be typed by you or the app can suggest a few relevant tasks based on an image input.

What does it do?

  • Notifications Sends you a notification when the due date has arrived.
  • Mark as completed Mark a reminder as completed and feel relaxed
  • Mark as incomplete Because we tend to mark incomplete things as completed to cheat ourselves
  • Delete We've all been there when we make a reminder for something but we just don't want to be reminded about it
  • Overdue You have not completed your task, we can't do anything but just turn it red, so it stands out and you feel guilty.


  • Core Data All your reminders are obviously saved with the help of CoreData. A simple entity to just save the title, dueDate and isCompleted

  • Core ML This app uses a ImageClassifier.mlmodel(created with MLImageClassifierBuilder), which is trained against a small dataset to detect the following:

Classifier Objects
Apparel Shirt, T-shirt, Jeans
Grocery Onions, potatoes, tomatoes
Vehicle Cars
Book Book and book covers
  • Vision Helps Core ML models for tasks like classification or object detection.
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