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GNOME AppFolders Manager

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Description: Manage GNOME Shell applications folders

Copyright: 2016-2022 Fabio Castelli (Muflone)

License: GPL-3+

Source code:




From the GNOME AppFolders Manager main window you can define your custom folders to group your applications by clicking the Create folder button on the header bar.

Main window

Define the folder name and the folder title to show in GNOME Shell and confirm the new folder by clicking the Create folder button.

New folder

Add your wanted applications to the new folder by clicking theadd files button in the header bar, select the applications you want to include (multiple selection is also possible) and click the Add applications button.

Application picker

Save your folder by clicking the Save folder button in the GNOME App Folders Manager main window.

Main window with new AppFolder

Open the GNOME Shell overview to use the new Application Folder.

GNOME Shell overview

System Requirements


A distutils installation script is available to install from the sources.

To install in your system please use:

cd /path/to/folder
python3 install

To install the files in another path instead of the standard /usr prefix use:

cd /path/to/folder
python3 install --root NEW_PATH


If the application is not installed please use:

cd /path/to/folder

If the application was installed simply use the gnome-appfolders-manager command.