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Documentation Added documentation folder and F-script guide PDF. Mar 22, 2012
F-Script Updated for 32/64 bit architecture. Note that direct obj-c isa access… Nov 25, 2012
FSTest1 F-Script 2.0 Aug 15, 2009
FScript.xcodeproj Added warning flag -Wmissing-method-return-type and fixed resultant w… Nov 26, 2012
FScriptFramework Removed direct use of ->isa and replaced with object_getClass() Nov 26, 2012
FScriptIBPlugin F-Script 2.1 Jun 14, 2010
JGAdditions F-Script 2.1 Jun 14, 2010
.gitattributes Initial commit Jun 28, 2009
Info-FSTest2_2.plist Initial commit Jun 28, 2009
Info-F_Script__Upgraded_.plist F-Script 2.1 Jun 14, 2010
README.md Added README. Mar 22, 2012



F-Script is a set of open source tools for dynamic introspection, manipulation and scripting of Cocoa objects on Mac OS X.