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/* FSMiscTools.h Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Philippe Mougin. */
/* This software is open source. See the license. */
#import <limits.h>
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#include <ffi/ffi.h>
@class FSArray;
@class FSInterpreter;
@class NSWindow;
@class FSSystem;
Class *allClasses(NSUInteger *count);
FSArray *allClassNames(void);
BOOL containsString(NSString *s, NSString *t, NSUInteger mask);
NSString *descriptionForFSMessage(id object);
ffi_type *ffiTypeFromFSEncodedType(char fsEncodedType);
enum e_FSObjCTypeCode {fscode_CGAffineTransform = '9',
fscode_NSRect = 'w', fscode_NSSize = 'x', fscode_NSPoint = 'y', fscode_NSRange = 'z',
fscode_CGRect = 'W', fscode_CGSize = 'X', fscode_CGPoint = 'Y'};
char FSEncode(const char *foundationEncodeStyleStr);
NSString *FSErrorMessageFromException(id exception);
BOOL FSIsIgnoredSelector(SEL selector);
void FSInspectBlocksInCallStackForException(id exception);
void inspect(id object, FSInterpreter *interpreter, id argument);
void inspectCollection(id collection, FSSystem *system, NSArray *blocks);
void inspectBlocksInCallStack(NSArray *callStack);
// Test if an object is descendant of the NSDistantObject class
BOOL isKindOfClassNSDistantObject(id object);
// Test if an object is descendant of the NSProtocolChecker class
BOOL isKindOfClassNSProtocolChecker(id object);
// Test if an object is descendant of the NSProxy class.
// In some cases, using the method "isProxy" is not precise enough since other objects hierarchies
// (based on another root class) may return YES when sent "isProxy" (as explained in the NSObject doc).
BOOL isKindOfClassNSProxy(id object);
BOOL isNSNumberWithLosslessConversionToDouble(id anObject);
void printIntegerTypeInfo(void);
NSString *printString(id object);
NSString *printStringLimited(id object, NSUInteger limit);
CGFloat systemFontSize(void);
CGFloat userFixedPitchFontSize(void);
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