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/* FSNSProtocolChecker.m Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Philippe Mougin. */
/* This software is open source. See the license. */
#import "FSNSProtocolChecker.h"
@interface NSMethodSignature(UndocumentedNSMethodSignature)
+ (NSMethodSignature*) signatureWithObjCTypes:(char *)types;
@implementation NSProtocolChecker(FSNSProtocolChecker)
+ (NSMethodSignature *)methodSignatureForSelector:(SEL)selector
// Partial fix for broken Mac OS X implementation of NSProxy meta-class level.
// Limitation: this is all hard wired here, and thus will not work for methods added in new categories or new subclasses.
if (selector == @selector(protocolCheckerWithTarget:protocol:)) return [NSMethodSignature signatureWithObjCTypes:"@@:@@"];
else return [[NSProxy class] methodSignatureForSelector:selector];
// A strange bug in GCC3 (beta) makes using "super" seemingly impossible here.
// We can't use [self superclass] instead because it's buggy too (it returns NSProxy meta class)!
// So we hard-wire the use of NSProxy.
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