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// DBPrefsWindowController.h
// Created by Dave Batton
// Documentation for this class is available here:
// Copyright 2007. Some rights reserved.
// This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
// 11 March 2007 : Initial 1.0 release
// 15 March 2007 : Version 1.1
// Resizing is now handled along with the cross-fade by
// the NSViewAnimation routine.
// Cut the fade time in half to speed up the window resize.
// -setupToolbar is now called each time the window opens so
// you can configure it differently each time if you want.
// Holding down the shift key will now slow down the animation.
// This can be disabled by using the new -setShiftSlowsAnimation:
// method.
// 23 March 2007 : Version 1.1.1
// The initial first responder now gets set when the view is
// swapped so that the user can tab to the objects displayed
// in the window.
// Also added a work-around to Cocoa's insistance on drawing
// a focus ring around the first toolbar icon when going from
// a view with a focusable item to a view without a focusable item.
// 31 May 2007 : Version 1.1.2
// The window's title bar and toolbar heights are now calculated at
// runtime, rather than being hard-coded.
// Fixed a redraw problem and a window placement problem associated
// with large preference windows.
// Added some code to supress compiler warnings from unused parameters.
// Fixed a couple of objects that weren't being properly released.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface DBPrefsWindowController : NSWindowController <NSAnimationDelegate, NSToolbarDelegate> {
NSMutableArray *toolbarIdentifiers;
NSMutableDictionary *toolbarViews;
NSMutableDictionary *toolbarItems;
BOOL _crossFade;
BOOL _shiftSlowsAnimation;
NSView *contentSubview;
NSViewAnimation *viewAnimation;
NSString *titlePrefix;
@property (copy) NSString *titlePrefix;
+ (id)sharedPrefsWindowController;
+ (NSString *)nibName;
- (void)setupToolbar;
- (void)addView:(NSView *)view label:(NSString *)label;
- (void)addView:(NSView *)view label:(NSString *)label image:(NSImage *)image;
- (BOOL)crossFade;
- (void)setCrossFade:(BOOL)fade;
- (BOOL)shiftSlowsAnimation;
- (void)setShiftSlowsAnimation:(BOOL)slows;
- (void)displayViewForIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier animate:(BOOL)animate;
- (void)crossFadeView:(NSView *)oldView withView:(NSView *)newView;
- (NSRect)frameForView:(NSView *)view;
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