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Clone of appscript moved to Github. *NOTE* that I don't maintain it. I just hope somebody will pick it up.
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This is a copy of the Hamish Sanderson's appscript suite. As of 2011-12-09, this project is no longer under active development on sourceforge.

Appscript is a high level, user-friendly Apple event bridge that allows you to control scriptable Mac OS X applications from Python, Ruby and Objective-C. Appscript makes these languages a serious alternative to AppleScript for automating your Mac.

For example, to get the value of the first paragraph of the topmost document in TextEdit using appscript:

app('TextEdit').documents['Read Me'].paragraphs[1].get()

This is equivalent to the AppleScript statement:

tell application "TextEdit"
    get paragraph 1 of document "Read Me"
end tell

External Documentation

Project website

Python implementation: py-appscript

Ruby implementation: rb-appscript

Obj-C implementation: objc-appscript

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