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[*] Our tool work only for Linux OS, between its runnable under py2.7 and py3.xx.
[*] Next version will contain many other features such as multi-threading between processors and more then that, also i will fix some bugs that appears to users, at least will i add user agent to the tool.
[*] to run this tool over python 3.x interpreter follow these commands :
	- sudo apt-get install python3-pip
	- sudo apt-get install python3-bs4
	- sudo pip3 install selenium

[*] this video will help you to finish installing and configuring required modules :
[*] you can give the tool you own design and colors you want by edit the "body.css" file values.
[*] dear user this tool made for educational purpose the reason isn't power enough, so stay tuned next version gonna be more awesome and runnable for windows plateformes, if you count any bug or you have any difined exploit feel free to report it for me on my facebook account 
( )