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An Angular directives to select a country
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An Angular directives to typeahead countries.

How to install

Get it via Bower

To use this module, fist you need to install it via Bower. I assume you already install the Bower:

bower install ng-countries

Include the main scripts

Include the main scripts into your application. Run bower list --paths to see the available main scripts and the following main scripts into your application:

$ bower list --paths

  "angular-bootstrap": "bower_components/angular-bootstrap/ui-bootstrap-tpls.js",
  "ng-countries": "bower_components/ng-countries/src/ng-countries.js"

The scripts listed on angular-bootstrap and ng-countries is the scripts that should be included into your application.

Add to your application dependency

In order to use this module, you must ensure this module is included into your application module dependencies. For examples:

angular.module('yourAwesomeApplication', [
  // your application module dependencies


Add ghanoz-countries element to your application views

To use this directive add the following element in your template file:


And you will see something like this when it's render by the browser:

ng-coutries typeahead

Listen on country.selected event

When the user finish selected the country name, then this module will emit country.selected event. To know the selected country, please put a listener in your application controller:


$scope.$on('country.selected', function (event, args) {
  // for example output will be "Indonesia" if I select Indonesia
  console.log('country.selected', args);


Install the Dev Dependencies

In order to develop this module, you have to install the required dependencies

# install some npm packages used on this project

$ npm install

# install some bower packages used on this project

$ bower install

How to test

To run the unit tests:

$ npm test


Licensed under the MIT License.

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