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New Issue Alerts plugin

Redmine NewIssueAlerts is a Redmine plugin that sends an email to specified email addresses when a new issue is logged


  • Emmanuel Bretelle aka chantra <chantra_-AT-debuntu-DOT-_org>


For the complete changelog see the Changelog-file in the Redmine New Issue Alerts plugin directory.

Latest stable release

The currently available, latest stable release of the plugin is version 0.0.2.


This plugin can be used to make sure that a new issue is getting the exposure it needs. For instance, you might decide that any new issue logged on a specific project is sent to a distribution email address. People from that distribution email list will then be able to triage the new issue and assign it to the right person.

The reason the plugin was created was because I did not find assign tickets to a group of users using redmine stock functionnalities. This can, to some extend, resolve

People from that group and/or manager will still have to assign the issue to the right person though.


This plugin should compatible with Redmine 0.9.x, 1.x, 1.3.x as well as with the current Redmine trunk.

It was last tested against Redmine 1.3.0


URL of the GitHub repository:

The source of this plugin can be “cloned” from the GitHub-repo using:

$ cd {RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins && git clone git://



This plugin works on a per project basis. To enable it, go to Project -> Settings -> Modules and enable “Newissuealerts”

By default only Redmine managers can access the plugin settings. Administrators need to enable access to project managers through http://redmine.url/roles/report under the “Newissuealerts” section.

A tab called “Email on New Issue” will appear on project which have enabled the plugin providing that the user has enough credential.

New Issue Alerts can be created/enabled/disabled/deleted from that page.

While an option to set email priority is accessible, priority is not a standard email header and behaviour might depend on each email client.


  • Backup the currently deployed New Issue Alerts plugin (cp -r /vendor/plugins/redmine_newissuealerts /vendor/plugins/redmine_newissuealerts-backup)

  • Update the plugin using git pull

  • Restart your Redmine


  • Remove the directory “redmine_newissuealerts” from the plugin-directory “../vendor/plugins”

  • Restart Redmine


This plugin is open-source and licensed under the “GNU General Public License v2” (GPL, See the included GPL.txt and LICENSE.txt files for details.

  • ©2009, Emmanuel Bretelle aka chantra


If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature you can open a new issue at the issue-tracking section of the plugins’ GitHub site: You can also post your feedback about the plugin in the dedicated plugin-section of the Redmine forums (

As an alternative you can also join the #redmine channel on the “freenode IRC network” ( to see if there is anyone who can provide some support.


A redmine plugin to send email when a new issue is created







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