A low-memory footprint streaming audio player for iOS and OS X
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A streaming audio player for iOS and OS X.


  • CPU-friendly design (uses 1% of CPU on average when streaming)
  • Multiple protocols supported: ShoutCast, standard HTTP, local files
  • Prepared for tough network conditions: adjustable buffer sizes, stream pre-buffering and restart on failures
  • Metadata support: ShoutCast metadata, IDv2 tags
  • Local disk caching: user only needs to stream a file once and after that it can be played from a local cache
  • Preloading: playback can start immediately without needing to wait for buffering
  • Record: support recording the stream contents to a file
  • Access the PCM audio samples: as an example, a visualizer is included


See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the wiki. We also have an API documentation available. The usage instructions are also covered in the wiki.

Is somebody using this in real life?

The short answer is yes! Check out our website for the reference applications.

Reporting bugs and contributing

For code contributions and other questions, it is preferrable to create a Github pull request. I don't have time for private email support, so usually the best way to get help is to interact with Github issues.


See LICENSE.txt for the license.


It is possible to use PayPal for donations.