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Aug 27, 2018

Big thanks to the 27 contributors who made this release possible!

We are upgrading the major version of @material-ui/core to match the version of @material-ui/icons.
The next major release is planned for Q1, 2019.

Breaking change

  • [icons] Save 22 Megabytes from the package (#12662)

Cut the package size by half.
It should make the npm installation twice as fast.
It's not OK to have some installation timeout.
We have removed the /es folder.

-import AccessAlarm from '@material-ui/icons/es/AccessAlarm';
+import AccessAlarm from '@material-ui/icons/AccessAlarm';
  • [core] Drop Firefox 45 support (#12669)

Firefox 52 is the last version supported by Windows XP.
The market share of Firefox 45 is 0.03%.
We use the same strategy for Chrome.

Component Fixes / Enhancements