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@alexfauquette alexfauquette released this 03 Mar 18:24
· 478 commits to master since this release

We're excited to announce the first v6 stable release! 馃帀馃殌

This is now the officially supported major version, where we'll keep rolling out new features, bug fixes, and improvements.
Migration guides are available with a complete list of the breaking changes:

We'd like to offer a big thanks to the 12 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights :

  • 馃巵 The row pinning is no longer experimental (#8055) @MBilalShafi

    You can now use the row pinning without the experimentalFeatures.rowPinning flag enabled.

    -  experimentalFeatures={{ rowPinning: true }}
  • 鈿★笍 Improved grid performance by rows and cells memoization (#7846) @m4theushw

  • Fields have a distinct visual state when empty (#8069) @LukasTy

  • 馃實 Improve Czech (cs-CZ) locale (#8113) @BlastyCZ

  • 馃實 Improve Arabic (ar-SD) locale (#8100) @atf98

  • 馃摎 Documentation improvements

  • 馃悶 Bugfixes

@mui/x-data-grid@v6.0.0 / @mui/x-data-grid-pro@v6.0.0 / @mui/x-data-grid-premium@v6.0.0

Breaking changes

  • The componentsProps and slotProps props are now typed for better DX
  • The cellFocus, cellTabIndex and editRowsState props are not passed to the component used in the row slot. You can use the new focusedCell and tabbableCell props instead. For the editing state, use the API methods.
    The flag experimentalFeatures.rowPinning is no longer needed.


@mui/x-date-pickers@v6.0.0 / @mui/x-date-pickers-pro@v6.0.0

Breaking changes

On desktop, DateTimePicker shows the am/pm controls in the toolbar instead of the clock by default.
It can be overridden by specifying ampmInClock prop.