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A experiment that tries to emulate how would be internet if we used 8 bit computers. Is some sort of media archeology exercise, Web Audio experiment and a tribute to the ZX Spectrum computer.

  • All the text is sonified using ZX Spectrum's cassettes encoding

  • All images are dithered and downgraded to use the ZX Spectrum's color palette

All these tasks are done in realtime in your computer / mobile device. What has no sense at all


Technical notes:

The prototype has been coded using:

This project uses a typefont made by Raúl Pelayo which is freeware.


  1. Install Bower dependencies:

    npm install bower

  2. Install dependencies with npm:

    npm install

in my computer I need to run with sudo (sudo npm install)


  • Build the code


  • set up a local server (http://localhost:8000) with liveupdate so is easier to develop

    grunt server