A dark, pastel Emacs color theme
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Emacs Nova Theme

This is a dark, pastel color theme for Emacs based on Trevor Miller's Nova color scheme.

Installation from MELPA

  1. M-x package-refresh-contents if necessary
  2. M-x package-install RET nova-theme
  3. M-x load-theme RET nova

Add (load-theme 'nova t) to your config to load at startup.


golang sample


  • favor more color over less color where it helps to usefully distinguish things
  • but don't style to the point where everything has a color
  • don't use bold in any prog modes, use sparingly otherwise
  • use underline very sparingly, perhaps only for links (I think it looks cheesy when used for emphasis)


I tried to make it easy to tweak faces and add new faces. Assuming you have the theme loaded, you can change or add new faces like this:

;; colors in nova-base-colors are available as variables
  (some-face :foreground cyan)
  (some-other-face :background blue :inherit 'unspecified))


With few exceptions, I will only style modes I use myself. You are more than welcome to contribute styling for additional modes. Please open a PR and include before and after screenshots.

If you don't like existing styling or find a bug, please open an issue with a screenshot.