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Project Reality Mod IRC bot

Commands available:

- !latest returns the latest posts in the forums.
- !news returns the latest highlights, dev blogs and events news.

- !server <shortname> gets the current server status.
- !server <shortname> <ip>:<port> registers the server with that shortname.
- !servers <shortname> <shortname> ... <shortname> returns servers information (max 5).

- !player <nick> finds in what server this person is playing on.
- !players <nick> <nick> ... <nick> returns players server information (max 5).

- !buddies <nick> <nick> ... <nick> adds or removes a buddy to your list.
- !buddies returns the servers your buddies are playing on.
- !buddylist returns the list of your registered buddies.

- !released <version_number> checks if a version was released. 
- !release <version_number> tells the bot to release a new version.

- !hardcoded tells you something that is or not hardcoded.
- !hardcoded <something> [true|false] gets or sets if that thing is hardcoded.

- !country <nick> [country] gets or sets the country of that person.

- !decide <some_thing> or <other_thing>

- !leet <nick> tells you if somebody is leet.
- !fail <something> tells you how much something (or someone) fails.

- !likesmen <nick> tells you if somebody likes men.

- !google <something> gives you a link using
- !translate <something> gives you a translation of the string to english. Alias: !tr.

- !magic_eight_ball <question> gives you an answer to that question. Aliases: !magic8ball, !m8b and !prbot.

- !nuke, !jdam, !arty, !mortars, !ied, !grenade, !rifle, !sniper gives you the sound.