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Mujō is a Chrome extension that reminds you not to over work yourself.
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Mujō Source

Mujō is a Chrome Extension that reminds you not to over work yourself. This is the source code for that extension.

About this repository

This repository is a lerna repo. I contains not only the source code for the Chrome Extension but also some supporting libraries.



npm i
npm run bootstrap:hoist
npm run bootstrap
npm start # starts the extension

Installing into Chrome

  • Go to chrome://extensions/ and turn on developer mode
  • Click Load unpacked and select /packages/extension/build directory from this app
  • Enjoy the extension!

Each change will be rebuilt automatically if your server is running, you will need to refresh and changes to the public folder require a reload of the chrome application.

Find more info

More about the extension

Build your own Mujō plugin!

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