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@mujx mujx released this Sep 21, 2018


  • Support for sending & receiving markdown formatted messages. (#283)
  • Import/Export of megolm session keys. (Incompatible with Riot) (#358)
  • macOS: The native emoji picker can be used.
  • Context menu option to show the raw text message of an event. (#437)
  • Rooms with unread messages are marked in the room list. (#313)
  • Clicking on a user pill link will open the user profile.


  • Update Polish translation (#430)
  • Enable Qt auto scaling. (#397)
  • Enable colors in the console logger.
  • Refactor styling to better work with the system theme.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when switching rooms. (#433)
  • Fixed crash during low connectivity. (#406)
  • Fixed issue with downloading media that don't have a generated thumbnail.
  • macOS: Add missing border on the top bar.
  • Fallback to the login screen when the one-time keys cannot be uploaded.
  • Show the sidebar after initial sync. (#412)
  • Fix regression, where cache format changes didn't trigger a logout.
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