Golang bluetooth client based on bluez DBus interfaces
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Golang bluetooth client based on bluez DBus interfaces

See here for reference https://git.kernel.org/cgit/bluetooth/bluez.git/tree/doc


The current API is unstable and may change in the future.

The features implemented are

  • Discovery
  • Adapter support
  • Device support (SensorTag example)
  • GATT Service and characteristics interface
  • Adapter on/off via rfkill
  • Handle systemd bluetooth.service unit
  • Expose hciconfig basic API
  • Expose bluetooth services via bluez GATT API
  • HCI protocol communication
  • Pairing support


Check examples/ folder for an overview of the API


The library has been tested with

  • golang 1.9 (minimum v1.6)
  • bluez bluetooth v5.48 (minimum supported v5.43)

bluez upgrade

Bluez, the linux bluetooth implementation, has introduced GATT support from v5.43

Ensure you are using an up to date version with bluetoothd -v

See in scripts/ how to upgrade bluez

Development notes

  • Give access to hciconfig to any user (may have security implications)

    sudo setcap 'cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin+eip' `which hciconfig`
  • Create a dbus profile

    ln -s `pwd`/scripts/dbus-dev.conf /etc/dbus1/system.d/go-bluetooth.config
  • Monitor activity

    sudo dbus-monitor --system "type=error"

  • View bluetoothd debug messages

    sudo bluetoothd -Edn P hostname

  • Enable LE advertisement (to use a single pc, you will need 2 bluetooth adapter)

      sudo btmgmt -i 0 power off
      sudo btmgmt -i 0 name "my go app"
      sudo btmgmt -i 0 le on    
      sudo btmgmt -i 0 connectable on
      sudo btmgmt -i 0 advertising on
      sudo btmgmt -i 0 power on

TODO List / Help wanted

  • Add docs with examples
  • Add Device read / write and custom data converters
  • Unit tests coverage
  • Integrate hci communication from github.com/[currentlabs|go-ble]/ble



MIT License