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import csv
import glob
from datetime import datetime
import mysql.connector as db_conn
from mysql.connector import errorcode
from collections import defaultdict
from io import BytesIO, StringIO
import boto3
import os, sys
import logging
SQL_SELECT_USERS = "SELECT user_id, user_nick, discriminator FROM users"
SQL_INSERT_USER = "INSERT INTO users (user_nick, discriminator) VALUES (%s, %s)"
SQL_SELECT_SERVERS = "SELECT server_id, server_name FROM servers"
SQL_INSERT_SERVER = "INSERT INTO servers (server_id, server_name) VALUES (%s, %s)"
SQL_SELECT_CHANNELS = "SELECT server_id, channel_id, channel_name FROM channels"
SQL_INSERT_CHANNEL = "INSERT INTO channels (server_id, channel_id, channel_name) VALUES (%s, %s, %s)"
#SQL_SELECT_LATEST_MSG_ID = "SELECT msg_id, msg_timestamp, msg_epoch FROM messages "
SQL_SELECT_LATEST_MSG_DATE = "SELECT MAX(msg_timestamp) FROM messages"
SQL_SELECT_LATEST_MSG_EPOCH = "SELECT MAX(msg_epoch) FROM messages WHERE channel_id = %s"
SQL_INSERT_MESSAGE = "INSERT INTO messages (msg_id, msg_txt, msg_timestamp, msg_epoch, user_id, server_id, channel_id) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s)"
DB_HOST = os.environ['DB_HOST']
DB_NAME = os.environ['DB_NAME']
DB_USER = os.environ['DB_USER']
DB_PW = os.environ['DB_USER_PW']
#getenv handles missing values with default rather than exception
S3_ENDPOINT_URL = os.getenv('S3_ENDPOINT_URL', None)
S3_PREFIX = "logs1/"
#this empty prefix is for local testing, since does not seem to have good ui support for hierarchies
S3_PREFIX = ""
class DBWriter():
def __init__(self):
self.cnx = db_conn.connect(user=DB_USER, password=DB_PW, database=DB_NAME, host=DB_HOST)
self.cursor = self.cnx.cursor()
self.users = {}
self.servers = {}
self.channels = {}
def init_data(self):
cursor = self.cursor
users = self.users
servers = self.servers
channels = self.channels
for (user_id, user_nick, discriminator) in cursor:
#print(f"{user_id}, {user_nick} {discriminator}")
users[f"{user_nick}#{discriminator}"] = user_id
print(f"found {len(users)} users")
for (server_id, server_name) in cursor:
print(f"{server_id}, {server_name}")
servers[server_id] = server_name
for (server_id, channel_id, channel_name) in cursor:
print(f"{server_id}, {channel_id}, {channel_name}")
channels[channel_id] = {"server_id": server_id, "channel_name": channel_name} #see above, channel id's should be globally unique
latest_date = cursor.fetchone()
latest_date = latest_date[0]
return latest_date
def fetch_latest_epoch(self, channel_id):
channel_data = (channel_id,)
self.cursor.execute(SQL_SELECT_LATEST_MSG_EPOCH, channel_data)
latest_epoch = self.cursor.fetchone()
latest_epoch = latest_epoch[0]
if latest_epoch is None:
latest_epoch = 0
print(f"latest epoch: {latest_epoch}")
return latest_epoch
def fetch_latest_epochs(self):
latest_epochs = defaultdict(int)
for channel_id in self.channels:
latest_epochs[channel_id] = self.fetch_latest_epoch(channel_id)
return latest_epochs
def insert_msgs_db(self, msg_stream, latest_epochs):
msg_ids = {}
users = self.users
servers = self.servers
channels = self.channels
cursor = self.cursor
cnx = self.cnx
skipped = 0
skipped2 = 0
inserted = 0
csv_reader = csv.DictReader(msg_stream)"starting to loop CSV contents")
for row in csv_reader:
server_id = row["server_id"]
server_id = int(server_id)
channel_id = row["channel_id"]
channel_id = int(channel_id)
server_name = row["server_name"]
channel_name = row["channel_name"]
msg_id = row["message_id"]
msg_id = int(msg_id)
if msg_id in msg_ids:
skipped += 1
msg_ids[msg_id] = msg_id
msg_txt = row["message_txt"]
msg_timestamp = row["timestamp"]
msg_epoch = row["epoch"]
msg_epoch = int(msg_epoch)
latest_epoch = latest_epochs[channel_id]
if msg_epoch <= latest_epoch:
skipped2 += 1
user_nick = row["user_nick"]
discriminator = int(row["discriminator"])
utc_time = datetime.fromisoformat(msg_timestamp)
user_full_nick = f"{user_nick}#{discriminator}"
if user_full_nick not in users:
user_data = (user_nick, discriminator)
cursor.execute(SQL_INSERT_USER, user_data)
users[user_full_nick] = cursor.lastrowid
user_id = users[user_full_nick]
if server_id not in servers:
server_data = (server_id, server_name)
cursor.execute(SQL_INSERT_SERVER, server_data)
servers[server_id] = server_name
if channel_id not in channels:
channel_data = (server_id, channel_id, channel_name)
cursor.execute(SQL_INSERT_CHANNEL, channel_data)
channels[channel_id] = {"server_id": server_id, "channel_name": channel_name}
msg_data = (msg_id, msg_txt, utc_time, msg_epoch, user_id, server_id, channel_id)
cursor.execute(SQL_INSERT_MESSAGE, msg_data)
inserted += 1
print(f"inserted {inserted} messages")
print(f"skipped {skipped} + {skipped2} messages as duplicates")
def insert_from_s3(self, latest_epochs):
if S3_ENDPOINT_URL is not None:
#for local testing using
s3 = boto3.client("s3", endpoint_url = S3_ENDPOINT_URL)
s3 = boto3.client("s3")"loading object list from s3")
#this is a partial list because it would need pagination
#it shows max 1000 items, can also handle that with file paths (prefix)
partial_list = s3.list_objects_v2(
Prefix = S3_PREFIX)"loaded object list:{partial_list}")
obj_list = partial_list['Contents']
obj_list = [obj["Key"] for obj in obj_list]
latest_file = obj_list[-1]"Processing file:{latest_file}")
obj = s3.get_object(Bucket = BUCKET_NAME, Key = latest_file)"got file from S3")
file_data = obj['Body'].read().decode('utf-8')
fileobj = StringIO(file_data)"inserting msgs, str len = {len(file_data)}")
self.insert_msgs_db(fileobj, latest_epochs)
def insert_from_file(self, latest_epochs):
path = "./"
message_files = glob.glob(f"{path}/message*.csv")
with open(message_files[-1]) as csv_file:
self.insert_msgs_db(csv_file, latest_epochs)
def close(self):
def setup_logging():
root = logging.getLogger()
handler = logging.StreamHandler(sys.stdout)
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')
def insert_msgs():"initializing")
dbw = DBWriter()"initialized connections, initializing base data")
latest_date = dbw.init_data()"data initialized, reading latest epoch")
latest_epochs = dbw.fetch_latest_epochs()"retrieved latest epochs, inserting from s3")
dbw.insert_from_s3(latest_epochs)"inserted from s3, shutting down")
# insert_from_file(latest_epochs)
def handler(event, context):
#handler(None, None)
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